Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Gypsies, tramps and theives...

This morning I woke up singing that song. But I don't know any of the lyrics so I just repeated "Gyyyyypsies, tramps and theives" over and over in my head, until finally Bill woke up and said good morning and it stopped.

My hair got stolen. Babyboo sent me a notecard about someone ripping off hair peoples and this was the first time it was actually true for me. Look at these beauties below.
BTW that is the exact image I submitted with my ticket to Linden Labs. As far as I'm concerned this copybot who done it should be over in a second since I MADE THE FUCKING HAIR 6 MONTHS BEFORE THIS PERSON EXISTED. But it's linden labs, and they can't even put a table plug in on the transaction page to make it sort, so I have about as much faith in anything coming from this as I have in their website's front end development team (er.. person.)

*stares into space as lightbulb turns on* Dude I should make a grease monkey script to do the table sort thing. Score! Imma nerd it up this long weekend.

In 100% non related knews check out Jesse's redesign of Aitui. I got some nice pants and a Tshirt there (SEE THE VIRGIN SHIRT!!!) :D The hoodies were nice, but the colors were too muted for me.

Also it makes me wonder if my work reads this blog and that's why they threw money at me. >_> Expect quarterly "oooh woe is me my job is terrible, if only they paid me more" blog posts from here on out.
I get my car tomorrow. This week rocks. Seriously, even the copybotter can't get me down. I'm freaking fabulously well-to-do now. I may make enough in one year to warrant owning a top hat and monocle.


At 2:27 AM , Blogger Archan Allen said...

ù_ù hope LL will help, or their dmca team... they didnt for me, but i hope you'll be lucky :P

At 10:15 AM , Blogger Noam said...

This chick fails at life. I almost don't care. Linden labs doesn't even have a selection in their dropdown for thieves so I doubt any of this is a priority to them.


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