Tuesday, April 01, 2008


I don't take many rental spots. I have the Block (free), Hbox (free & lovely), LicoLico (mainly cause I shop there) and my newest rental spot which I will find a URL for when I get home and of course my main store in Koreshan. I don't see a point to spamming the SL community with my shop. It's annoying to set up shops. It's annoying to pay rent. It's annoying to track sales. And I'm usually stuck with the sim owners who are like "we moved everything! come set up again" about twice a month.

This morning I logged on to do customer service. I had 13, THIRTEEN Rental notecards.
This is not counting the 4 that I declined because they did not have banana in the title.
That's SEVENTEEN rental offers.

H is for HOLY SHIT.
;_; Stop spamming meeeeee.

So here is my rental policy:

  • Free is great. but still doesn't mean I want it.
  • The closer the rent is to a $L1:1 prim ratio the more likely I won't just sit back and laugh and laugh at the offer. $L450+ a week to rent 30 prims... Uh one of my hair vendors is more than 30 prims. Please stop spamming me with these offers.
  • Bad builds are bad. I'm extending my bad builds policy not just to the newbie stall malls, but anything built entirely from TRU urban textures.
  • If I TP there and see another of your renters is selling copied versions of my stuff or any of my friends stuff, you can safely assume that I won't rent there. I am not entirely sure why that isn't just a given.
  • Sex sim mall offers. O_o No.. thanks.
  • Club malls with sponsored club events blah blah, no thanks. I can't understand the SL club mentality. I couldn't even understand it when I used to go to SL clubs years ago.
LIKE: original build, nice people, low rent, knowing traffic stats

That's the policy. If you've read this and still want to offer me a rental deal, put "Banana Daiquiri" as the notecard title.

Otherwise, if you just see me as a walking dollar sign, please don't spam me! I get enough spam already from asset server issues and god awful modelling agency things. Sanks.


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