Thursday, May 17, 2007

I have a work meeting about SL tomorrow

God I love my new job. LOVE EEEET!!!!!
So this meeting is hosted by one of our team members wife who is a real estate person on SL.
Here is the book she's written.

I'm pretty psyched. Half cause I think it's 2 hours of not working, and half cause a real estate person's take on the socio-cultural and economics of SL will probably be drastically different from what I see them as.

I think on a whole we all get caught up in our own little social worlds on here. It's like when you are in highschool, you know everyone's business. Your highschool is your universe and then when you step out and realize your "a-list" people are freaking nobody losers to the people going to the highschool in the next county, it's like kinda a mind fuck. You never really think about how small your world is and it's humbling. Big fish/small pond, big pond/small fish kinda thing.

I prefer small fish myself. Anonymity is awesome.
I went to a really small highschool (graduating class 73 people) and I was THE goth kid. We had one, it was me. Everyone k-12 knew my name and my business.
I went to a big urban campus college, and it was much better for me. I liked having to be remembered due to impressions I made on people. Not cause I was the ONLY person in the whole campus with pink hair (yeah I don't remember my thought process, but I bleached the shit out of my hair and went pink that first year), it's cooler to be like "Hey it's that funny pink haired dude who I've spoken to often and has likes and dislikes and isn't solely defined by hair color."

Random rant.


At 12:12 PM , Blogger Willis said...

Awww you love your job, you're a rare breed! Actually you're not, i'm taking shite, but there you go!

One of the directors actually approached me at work yesterday and told me he wanted me to head a group of people to discuss if and how the Uni could make their presence in SL.. I was a bit O.o, that'll teach me for answering a countrywide email and bashing people saying SL isn't just for pervs LOL!

EXCITING, I CAN GIVE HIM FASHION TIPS! (he already poopooed that idea :()

At 12:37 PM , Blogger Noam said...

They wanted to pitch an SL presence for the presidential candidate whose site I'm working on... But they did that for John Edwards or someone already and it got "vandalized" (Aka someone posted pictures of Bill Cosby all over it.)

At 3:58 AM , Blogger Ana Lutetia said...

I used to love my job. I still like to be paid to think...

Anyway, I was the goth girl in highschool. Know how that feels! In college I was the girl that dressed always black but around open-minded people. :)

At 4:10 AM , Blogger Elec said...

good good :D
Noam is good in both SL and RL.
=^o^= Im glad.

At 12:55 PM , Blogger Sakuradawn Lei said...

Wow I'm so happy you love your job! That's such a rare thing these days.

When I was in high school I was the girl who was so quiet that no one noticed me. I even had 2 friends tell me later on that they thought I was Mute because I never talked. Painfully shy was more like it. I'm still kinda like that though, I usually run in the other direction instead of talk to people, I hate being a pain in the bottom.

by the way elec's happy kitty face made me think of Hiro from Heroes and I just giggled
{{{(>.<)}}} (o.o) \\(^o^)// --- I DID IT!!!! -Hiro
okay, I'm done, (goes runs and hides in her geek corner)

At 1:07 PM , Blogger Noam said...

Lol I was friends with a girl like that. Her name was Jenny, and when she did talk (which she could) she would say extremely outlandish things. I vaguely remember this tiny mousey redhead saying that instead of college she's going to take up stripping.

It was awesome knowing her because her personality was like a secret.


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