Sunday, April 29, 2007

Hair textures AKA the bane of my existance

I hate hair textures.

I'm trying to get a set that I will use from now on instead of making new ones every time. A chunk of colors are getting discontinued and there will be more naturals and a couple tipped as per the request of people in the GK group.

If there are any other colors you would like to see, post here and let me know. I will attempt to retexture some of the old styles with the new colors.


At 8:13 AM , Blogger Willis said...

I need to join your update group, when SL stops being douchetastical, I WANT NEWS ABOUT STUFFS!


At 8:34 AM , Blogger Noam said...

Or I could just email you lol.

I'm putting out more hair sometime this week. It's poofy, it's 80s, it has been a nightmare to finish.

I started new hoodies.

I'm making photoframe HUDS for a Photostation on the rollercoaster & I made a big community photo wall for people to add their pics (I just need a picture of Kasey aka Koreshan's Mickey Mouse for it.)

I made a mascot outfit (but I told you that.)

And I made Cool Times Ben. (I sent you pictures.)

You're more up to date than most lol.

At 4:01 AM , Blogger Willis said...

I feel honoured, and cool times ken made me hot, no, really.


At 4:01 AM , Blogger Willis said...

OMG I SAID KEN NOT BEN, shoot me now!


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