Friday, April 13, 2007



You just want the hat? Buy the hair, rezz a copy on the ground, and delete the hair prims off it. That was easy®.

Learning to edit in SL will open up a whole new world of fun for yah. I recommend it muchly.

Plus, I have like 0 time this weekend to do the bajillion customs and edits that people want. So here is what I would like ya'll to do if you need a custom:

  1. Send Ol' Noamtaters an IM or notecard with the hair texture you NEED on your hairs

  2. Noamtaters will try to make all 4 versions of said texture from scratch, much to his grumbling and moaning (which you won't hear cause it's all in the really real world)

  3. Noam shall toast the hairs and put them out, announcing the new colors to the GK group (suggestion- be in the group.)

  4. All grumbling and moaning stops in the really real world, for Noam will make some $$ so he can buy more stuff from Ikea! YAY!!!!!! IKEA!!! WOOOOOOO! NOAM NEEDS BOOKSHELVES!
Is that all peachy? I hope. I've gotten so many requests and I've lost like half of them from crashing or me just not being organized. I'd like to make everyone happy. Mostly cause I want to redecorate my living room, but I care about your wellbeing too. :3


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