Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I have the best mom ever

I shouldn't get my hopes up too much, since I haven't actually gotten an Xmas or B-day present from my mom in like 2-3 years. Last year she said she was getting me a fish eye lense camera and a set of salt and pepper shakers I found from a cool design store, but I don't think she bothered and I haven't brought it up. (Mind you I buy her B-day and Mother's day presents... >: / )

This year I'm going to see her for my sister's holiday party after Thanksgiving, and she asked me what I wanted. Knowing full well I wasn't getting shit, I said $100. Which I figured is a lot for her since she's kinda living outside her means in her fucking crazy expensive Manhattan apartment. But then... I saw the muppets...

I emailed her a link and said "I want this" and she said I can't change my mind now cause I own a muppet.



At 12:12 AM , Blogger Curvy said...

So it's like Build A Bear for children of the 80's?

At 10:44 AM , Blogger Noam said...

I think the muppets expand more decades than just the 80s. My brother wants one and he's 15 years older than me and my niece wants it and she's 17 years younger.

(But I'm the one getting it so Nyanyanyanya *dances*)

I'm going to play with this thing for like a week and forget I own it.

At 11:52 PM , Blogger goooooood girl said...

your blog is good good good......


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