Monday, September 24, 2007

Halloween Freebies at my Main Store & Lico Lico Sim

For anyone who actually checks this blog I made freebies for ya'll.

One is a sculpted version of last year's halloween scarf and the other is a color scripted witches hat!

The hat took me like 10 minutes to make, so I don't mind passing it out as a gift. I like to think it's a pretty nifty hat for what it is. Sculpted brim, flexy top, touch menu scripted and shadowed over the face. If want to dress up as a witch this year, pick it up! Don't waste money on stuff you'll only wear a couple days! :3

The vendor is at the entrance to my main store or you can get it at the halloween mall section of the Lico Lico Sim. :)


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