Sunday, February 25, 2007

Trinitee's Rezday Party

Ok a week of having to keep a suprize party secret sucked, BUT IT WAS WORTH IT!
Trin's party was awesome (and jesus might be still going on! I shoulda put an end time on the invite. Trin you'll never get to bed.)

Krius built the beach, which is beautiful. The music was awesome (we have the same taste in stuff) and everyone looked cute in the grass skirts. I made those and thought they were ghetto, until I saw all these little bikini clad ladies dancing in unison like little ballerinas, they looked so good.

I took many many pictures, which I will now spam you with. Top- Trinitee, next on the left is Arbel, then Miss Willow on the right, Posy is next on the left, Jelly (this picture came out awesome) sporting her pink locks, Krius looking very chipendale like, Canimal with her Poi sticks and there were some other pics that didn't come out as good. :( I took one of Keishii that actually looked like he was sneezing. My Rudra ones came out way too dark, and she was very cute as she always is. Every time I took a picture I crashed. EVERYTIME. I've never crashed so much in my secondlife. But, I luff Trin so I came back everytime I bit it.

Krius deserves all the credit for making an amazing place for a party. ^_^ He built a tiki hut and even a volcano. It wasn't even my party and I'm like :-D!!!!! Over it because Trinitee was so happy.

I was worried she wouldn't even show up at the right time. >_<

Other than the party, this morning sucked. It sucked so much that Bill is going to take over doing some of my customer service, because I just can't handle people who can't be satisfied no matter what I do or say.

My b-day was nice and mellow. Billy got me a Labbit toy and a bunch of Dunnies from series 3, almost all of which I didn't have. The labbit is a vinyl rabbit that has a hole were you stick stuff in his mouth, like a banana or a mustache (like Mr. Potatohead.) I named him Bunson.


At 10:44 AM , Blogger Willis said...

It was a BLAST! Ty so much for inviting me and YAY to trin for being rezzed!

At 4:24 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can't say thanks enough Noam! I have the bestest boyfriend and best friend EVAR!!!


At 4:43 PM , Blogger Posy said...

Boy! Do you guys know how to throw a party!!! Sooo much fun! It was definitely worth getting my fluffy kitty tail singed *looks at Trin* :D


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