Thursday, March 19, 2009

SL & Adult Content

The new changes SL is going to do, is basically creating an adult filter that wasn't previously there. The rational parts realize this. It's not something to shit the bed over.

Now my inner typical Second Life user, is scream "wtf, if I build a penis I should be allowed to wear it on my fucking forehead if I want to." (Expect in a PG sim.)

This will be fun to watch pan out.

You know what would be rad? If you could check a box on an object and mark it as being mature and those who aren't verified or request not to see mature material just can't render it. Or it renders with black textures that say CENSORED, like how we used to have missing images.

I would prefer SL as it is. I know who wants it to change and I know why. It's not a bad thing, but I like wandering around and seeing an 8 breasted herm demon shopping at like bare rose for a cape. I'm not grossed out by it. It tickles me in the same way those skins with way too much boob shading do. It's over sexed to the point it's funny.

There are some people out there who look like noobs with their panis on their midriffs, but then there are those who just pull off being a big scary sex demon, hats off to them I say! There is absolutely no way I'd know that penors now come with flexy precum without people wearing them in sandboxes and while out shopping. It's impressive how far they've come. <-- not a pun.

I don't want those people to not be allowed to be a giant scary sex demon whenever they want. So for the record, if you want to wear your penis or your prim boobs or tentacle monster phallic appendages in my store, you are totally welcome to.

And if you are one of those people who are greatly offended by the above visuals, well, I'm sure I have a shop in a PG area somewhere.

If living with Bill for the last 8 years has taught me anything, it's that no one's prudish catholic upbringing has any affect on my shamelessness. Blame my parents for raising me without religion (as Bill says) and my mom for that time she took me to that questionable art show with the guy holding his erect cock when I was 10.

I won't let a masseuse touch me naked (cause it's creepy) but I will randomly talk about something gross I saw online involving a penis and a battery while out to dinner with our friends. \o/

btw did you see that video? I wanted to vomit.


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